Amoy Feasts on the Street Brand Partnership image

Amoy Feasts on the Street Brand Partnership

The Amoy Feasts on the Street Brand partnership challenged three teams consisting of  comedians, YouTube stars and bloggers to test their skills across London in a series of challenges that see them going from novices to street food entrepreneurs.

The Amoy Feasts on the Street page on the Huffington Post

The campaign made use of illustrated assets that needed to animated smoothly. In Flash this would have been a doodle, but the client wanted the campaign to work across all devices. With a large portion of Huff Post users consuming on iOS, Flash was out of the question. After explaining to the client about the limitations of animating in HTML, I decided to dive into Adobe Edge Animate with the aim of creating Flash like animations that were iOS friendly.

The Genie ad format showcasing the Amoy Feats on Street challenge videos

Having next to no experience in the software, I was sceptical a first. After an hour or two of playing around with Edge Animate I began to see that it is a pretty sweet tool. Having many of the same nuances as Flash I felt right at home from the get go. Movieclips return in the form of Symbols and a timeline for animating HTML is a heaven send. I particularly like the ‘pin’ mechanic that allows you to pin element properties, drag the timeline forward, and adjust the element to create a tween (now called a transition).

The Devil format showcasing the Amoy Feasts on the Street challenge videos