Hand-drawn Save The Date wedding invite design

Hand-drawn wedding invite design

When asked by a colleague if I could draw cartoons I replied ‘Errr maybe’. His missus wanted an illustration of the happy couple on their ‘Save The Date’ wedding invite. Yeah, I like to do the odd doodle in Monday morning production meetings, but I wasn’t sure how I would perform with the pressure of knowing my illustration would actually have a purpose. I didn’t know I if I could do the pair ‘hand-drawn’ justice.

Anyway, I agreed and dived straight into the sketch book that night. I can’t lie, at times I began to think shit, I can’t do this, or dayum this looks terrible! I persevered and after scanning the image, dusting off the old Wacom Fun to colour it in Photoshop, it actually ended up looking pretty decent. A wood grain texture behind and chunky grunge font, job done.

I was happy with the result in the end and most importantly, the couple were chuffed to bits with it. The design was printed with a magnet back so invitees could jam it in between the magnets on their fridge.