Microsoft #SurfaceCreate

Microsoft #SurfaceCreate

Making up the bulk of my work over the past 4 weeks, Microsoft’s #SurfaceCreate on Huffington Post has been a bit of a beast and it’s not over yet. To showcase the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has challenged three of London’s brightest design studios to use the tablet on a ¬†project they have always wanted to do.

In the words of James Hayr, Aol’s Head of Branded Content and my boss, ‘It’s a miracle that Microsoft are letting us design anything, let alone design and build an entire campaign’, but that is indeed what was occurring. I was given the task of creating a range of high impact display units and an interactive splash that would feature the journey of each studio.

Microsoft #SurfaceCreate Image 0

Safe to say it was a pretty big deal for Huff Post. ¬†I needed to do a good job and keep the client happy. The initial mocks for the splash and display units went down a treat and we were given the green light to build. The splash features video, a collection of image galleries illustrating each studio’s journey, and links to the various bits of editorial content created for the campaign.

Microsoft #SurfaceCreate image1

Microsoft #SurfaceCreate image2

To drive traffic to the page from Aol’s other Tech related properties, I created a reactive skin that worked with the billboard on the same page. The billboard’s design was split between the 3 studios and when the user hovered over each, the skin changed revealing hero images of the current studio’s work.

Microsoft #SurfaceCreate Image

Their is a planned update next week that includes an overhaul of the splash, it’s going to be a busy week.